X is for oXen

As in “whose ox have I gored?”  I have no idea where the phrase comes from, but it seems appropriate here, since there is a strong possibility that at least one visitor to this website will take issue with something said in these pages.  Or something left out.

Let's speak first of factual accuracy.  Writings on and about yoga go back about 3,000 years.  Nothing any expert has said about any aspect of yoga has not been contradicted by another expert.  And I am not even an expert!

We live in the age of Information.  And Misinformation.  Everything reported as factual on this website is supported by recognized yoga scholars & masters (not all of them, of course; there is nothing in this world on which everybody agrees).  And not a word is secondhand -- everything is directly from the source.  The most critical references for information are listed on the Resources page.  Becoming familiar with these writings would be an excellent first step in the resolution of any confusion over the accuracy of statements on this site.

Now on to potential omissions on the website.  The site does not include everything, about yoga and hatha yoga, that would be valuable and entertaining.  That would have been nice.  But I wanted a website that was of a manageable size while satisfying my objectives to be broad in scope, adequately deep, and definitely of value, i.e. additive to the life of almost everybody who took a couple of hours to explore the site .  I had to leave things out. I made choices.  There are also omissions of nuance where I used one sentence for brevity, when a longer explanation would have been possible and useful.  The end result of my decisions is a website approximately the length of a 30 page pamphlet.  Please don't be offended or conclude that I am ignorant because something is left out or explained briefly.  If you wish, you can use the Contact page to suggest something to me.

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