Energy: A Simple Truth

We are energy.  Everything is energy.  Matter is composed of energy.  Energy is the basic building material of the Universe.

Energy exists in many forms (light, heat, radio waves, etc.)  It is often classified further by units of measurement, such as frequency or wavelength.  Energy can be transformed (for example, sunlight into electricity), but not destroyed (in the world of physics, this is known as the First Law of Thermodynamics).  Energy is not constrained by barriers of space and time.

Our physical bodies are energy (some of it in matter form) as are all objects, animate & inanimate.  Communication and control systems for all beings and devices are based on energy.  Our minds manipulate energy to operate our bodies, to create new structures of energy called thoughts, and to communicate with other beings and objects through energy flows.  Both our minds and our bodies are influenced by external energy flows.  We can receive and transmit energy.  Sometimes we communicate through & with intelligent external energy.  Depending on our beliefs, we refer to these circumstances as spiritual awareness, inter-connectedness, mystical experience, revelation of God’s will, alien contact, or brain damage.  

Frequently we believe we should control objects or our thoughts.  However, objects and thoughts are end products of energy.  We should instead focus on managing energy.

Why, you might ask.  Managing energy for what purpose?  The mystery of Life is beyond me, but consider this possible objective: Harmony.  Integrated efficient balanced energy flow.  Not necessarily peaceful (a supernova is hardly a peaceful celestial event) but harmonious.  The Universe runs smoothly when energy flows smoothly, in harmony instead of discord.

What can we, as individuals, do?  We can strive to interact harmoniously with others and with the Universe.  Yoga comprehensively utilizes energy of the body, the mind, and the connections with the Universe, spiritual and otherwise.  Yoga can be an effective tool for harmony, adapted uniquely to oneself and combined with other tools for an individualized approach.  Thus can we work diligently toward transcending the difficulties of existence on this plane, interacting as our true selves, beings of pure energy, with others’ true selves and with the magnificent unfathomable force of the Universe.

Note: Om is the sound and symbol of the Universe