What is this site?

Yoga is an individual pursuit, because one's spiritual, mental, and physical development is an individual journey. This website is a resource for understanding yoga and developing an individual yoga practice.  It covers all aspects of yoga, although Hatha Yogathe physical aspect of yoga, is the main subject.  It advocates no particular school or teacher.  The site focuses on fundamentals, enabling basic knowledge of major hatha yoga philosophies to help individuals find their own paths to attain physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of yoga. It also traces the evolution of hatha yoga from ancient times to the present to illustrate hatha yoga's solid foundation and root principles.

This site is basically a public service.  There is no commercial purpose here -- the site is not selling, recommending, or linked to, any product or service.  It is simply intended to be interesting and useful in making informed decisions about developing a yoga practice, and then implementing those decisions successfully.  (For more information on purpose & structure of the site, please see the Site Background page.)

The site is comprehensive, but necessarily brief in order to present its material in a reasonable space. The Resources  page provides guidance for further investigation.

The site includes 26 topics, organized into a Hatha Yoga Guide covering broad hatha yoga themes such as Hatha Yoga Basics and Learning & Performing Yoga Asanas.  Alternatively, since the 26 topics use the alphabet, you could simply start with Asanas and proceed through Zen.  Or you could choose a topic in which you have an interest, such as the Form for yoga poses or Yoga Practice Design  Whatever works for you.  Enjoy.

Note: the yoga image is from the Indus Valley civilization, 3000-2000 B.C.E.


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